Your First Look at Chanel’s Cruise 2018 Bags, Straight from the Historical Greece-Inspired Runway

Last week in Paris, Chanel Bags Crossbody shows its latest collection of beautiful handbags, and we have all the photos

For better or worse, finding accessories close-up photos from Cruise and Pre-Fall shows is always a little bit of a challenge. Websites like Vogue Runway don’t go as all-out for shows that aren’t part of one of the big fashion weeks, and the looser, more scattered nature of the between-season collection means that detail shots often get left out. We’re intrepid bag detectives, though, and that means we’ve spent the last week scouring the Internet to piece together as many images of the bags from Chanel Bags.L Cruise 2018 as possible.

Because most of the bags Chanel produces are shoulder-carried on the runway, that can be a little tricky, but we were able to come up with clear shots of a number of the designs, which were inspired by Ancient Greek iconography. The runway collection included several versions of the various Chanel Gabrielle shapes, as well as an usually high number of evening bags and minaudieres, all rendered in the mostly sandy, golden tones you probably associate with the era. Check out all the photos we were able to find below.

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