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One of the most iconic Bottega Veneta bags, the Knot Clutch, is being reimagined as a brand new bag with a similar knot closure. Bottega Veneta has just released images of its new campaign which features the brand new Bottega Veneta City Knot, a structured bag that includes a knot closure much like the beloved Knot Clutch (I’ve shared both of my special order Knot Clutches (here and here).

The summer 2017 collection marks Bottega Veneta’s 50th Anniversary as well as the 15th year of Tomas Maier as Creative Director.

Shot by American photographer Todd Hido in the Modulightor Building in New York City which was designed by late architect Paul Rudolph, Tomas Maier introduced the new compact shoulder bag, the City Knot. Photographed on Lauren Hutton, Joan Smalls, and Vittoria Ceretti, this bag’s clean silhouette is sure to be coveted. The clean silhouette is both fresh and functional.

The Bottega Veneta City Knot contains three interior compartments which brings a great amount of function to the bag.

There are three versions, each differing from the next in colors and material combos, and each offering a completely different style for your choosing. Each bag pays homage to the original materials and textures from the house’s 1970 archive.

A clean version is designed with French Calf leather outlined by black hand-painted edges while the other French Calf leather option is offset by Leopard Print leather. The final version showcases a new shiny leather treatment presented in this collection, Capra Lissata. The entire bag is made with Capra Lissata leather featuring a feminine Butterfly motif. The closure on each bag is comprised of a twist knot closure, already iconic to the brand from the well-known Knot Clutch bag.

Prices are $4,000, $4,150, and $4,300 and the bags will hit stores next month.

If you are interested in ordering this bag, call Bottega Veneta to place an order at (800) 845 6790. See more of the campaign on here.

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Bottega Veneta City Knot Bag 1

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Bottega Veneta City Knot Bag

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Bottega Veneta City Knot Bag 2

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Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2017 Vittoria Ceretti 1

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Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2017 Lauren Hutton

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Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2017 Vittoria Ceretti

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