Winning Drake’s Heart Will Also Win You a Stockpile of Hermès Birkins, Apparently

A win-win if you’re a Drake fan, but even if you’re not, still a single win

First, before we start, I have to say: I’m kind of fascinated by Drake. He’s always either bragging about how much he doesn’t care about the women he dates or whining about how much the women he dates don’t care about him, and I find that persistent lack of self-awareness relatable. Also, More Life? It’s great background music for, like, a chill-but-not-too-chill house party. Anyway, that’s sort of beside the point, because the point is Drake has been collecting Hermès Birkins for years, maybe for you.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Drake told reporter Tatiana Siegel that he has a “fairly vast” collection of the bags to offer a woman “at some point in life.” When asked why, he said, “There’s very few in this world, tangible things anyway, that hold their value and sort of…appreciate as the years go on. It was one of those things that, you know, I just started collecting for the woman I end up with one day.”

So, it’s a little weird to start a bag collection for a woman you might not have even met yet, because what if you meet her and she doesn’t care about handbags, or, I don’t know, prefers Chanel? As Drake mentions, though, Birkins are indeed a reasonably sound investment at the moment, so I suppose the eventual couple could sell the collection and use the money for something else. He was mum on exactly how many Birkins are in his still-growing collection or how many rare or exotic bags it includes, but from the way he talked about it, it sounded like enough to finance a few college degrees at least.

I’m not sure how one would go about meeting Drake or making him fall madly in love with you, but I know handbag lovers, so I know if there’s a will, then there’s a way.