What Happens: Chanel WOC (Wallet On Chain) Bags

This little Chanel Bags Lambskin bag is one of the brand’s most popular accessories, and it fits more than you’d think

I remember when I first heard of the Chanel WOC; I also remember it took me a while (maybe longer than I’d like to admit) to figure out “WOC” stood for “Wallet On Chain.” Chanel isn’t the only brand to make a WOC, but it’s arguably the brand most closely associated with the popular style, and much like many other Chanel pieces, the brand does its WOC oh so well.

[Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 6, 2015]


I know many people who own a Chanel Wallet on Chain and have had many friends ask me if that should be their first Chanel purchase. The next question I’m often asked is if the Chanel WOC is really that great and usable, and the best way to answer that question is to tell you exactly what fits inside of it.

Within the last few decades, the market for internet sales of pre-owned designer merchandise (and especially things which don’t have to be sized according to the purchaser’s body, like bags) has exploded, and with it has comes new ways of getting your hands on bags differently only accessible at brick-and-mortar shops. Based on whether you’re most interested in price, selection or the simplicity of the overall experience, there’s probably at least one site or service that could get you just what you would like. Have a look at our breakdown of the biggest Chanel bag selections on the internet, below.The Chanel jumbo traditional flap and the medium flap are the most famous handbags of the Chanel timeless collection. The toughest decision you will ever make is to decide on the ideal style. But again, the Chanel jumbo and moderate flap are very quickly out of stock, so you may not wish to be somewhat picky.I find the Chanel jumbo flap bag the best size you can have. The medium flap bag can only hold your most crucial essentials and no more than this, while the maxi flap tote is too big. The Chanel jumbo is someplace near the medium, but somewhat larger of course. It is possible to pack all your essentials and there is a small room for a few extra’s. That’s good enough for me.The hottest Chanel moderate and jumbo flap style.From encounter at Bragmybag, the most frequent pick of the classic flap bag is black in caviar. Some people today love golden hardware while others love silver.


Once you know what fits inside of the relatively petite Chanel Fw 2015 Bags WOC, it’s a lot easier to decide if the bag will be a good fit for your lifestyle. What I can tell you is this bag multitasks as a wallet, clutch and small crossbody bag, and it’s come in handy often for me and so many others. If you want to be part of the Chanel WOC fan club, look no further than the PurseForum.


The Chanel Bags Boy WOC measures 4.9″ x 7.5″ x 1.4″. These dimensions appear small, but the bag ends up fitting much more than you expect. There are, of course, plenty of versions; pricing starts at $1,900 for leather. The version I have is the Chanel Stingray WOC, which currently costs $4,000. There is also a slightly smaller size of this bag, 4.5″ x 7.5″ x 1.6″ that offers a removable chain strap and costs $3,400.


Here is what fits in the Chanel WOC:

– iPhone 6+
– Alligator card case from Lambertson Truex
– Louis Vuitton keychain and house key
– Car key
– Fresh Sugar lipgloss in Tulip | $22.50 via Sephora
– Gin Gins (I always have these!!) | $18.40 via Amazon
– Cash
– Credit Cards and other cards