The Very Best Vintage Chanel Bags for Sale at This Time

Something old, not something new, these vintage bags are tried and true

I had you at vintage Chanel, didn’t I? While I’m sure the feeling of walking out of a Chanel store with a brand new bag in hand is unlike any other (and one I’ve yet to experience myself!), something about purchasing a vintage Chanel bag has really got my gears going. Depending on the item, purchasing pre-loved can mean saving a bit of money, not to mention I like something about the idea of owning a vintage Chanel piece over a new one. I’m not sure why, as I’m not usually one that looks to purchase a pre-loved item, but in this instance, I’ve been all googly-eyed over the internet’s current offerings. Below, I’ve rounded up 15 of the best vintage Chanel pieces I’ve come across in my current state of obsessive searching and scrolling.

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Vintage Chanel Mini Flap Bag
$3,150 via Shopbop

As for the Chanel Bags Used Boy Bag, which can be said to be next on the Chanel cost increase list, what shoppers are hearing is another $400 cost increase. We’ll keep you posted when that will happen–some say about March–but if you are interested at a Boy handbag, now is your chance to catch it before it also goes up in cost. Last week we published over 100 images of new Chanel bags and their prices, and any experienced handbag veteran knows what this means: a second haul of Chanel pockets on series (WOCs), wallets, card cases, coin purses and other small leather products, coming right up. And today, that’s exactly what we have: Chanel Pre-Collection Spring 2018 accessories, lots of in lovely shades of light pink and blue, in addition to some super-gorgeous exotics.This collection drops to the new pricing arrangement for Chanel small leather goods that Megs reported recently, but in going through the seasonal inventory, things did not feel that different–Chanel prices have long been a tiny astronomical, which does not seem to faze the brand’s many loyal fans. Have a look at the new goodies below–they will be in stores any day now.In my mind, there is just a good thing about the dreary period of late January we’re in right now: a new Chanel set of bags across which to fawn. Luckily, Chanel Pre-Collection Spring 2018 has came with colors both bright and light to remind us that warmer weather is indeed on the road. And this time, the brand has been generous with us : the lookbook comprises more than a hundred bags, nearly never noticed before.

Ok, if we’re talking Chanel it doesn’t get more classic than a black, quilted leather mini flap bag with gold hardware. This is the holy grail for me right here.

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Vintage Chanel 3 Bags Backpack
$7,399 via Farfetch

Back to school cool in the color of the season.

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Vintage Chanel Bags Uk Price Duffle
$3,925 via Farfetch

I’m off to Puerto Rico next month and would not mind jet-setting with this duffle in tow.

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Vintage Chanel Bag Quilted Price Flap Bag
$6,339 via Farfetch

There’s really no other way to describe this bag than timelessly chic. I’m obsessed. I need it.

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Vintage Chanel Bags Hong Kong Prices Vanity Case
$3,500 via Shopbop

If there’s one vintage item in particular that I’m obsessed with owning it’s a Chanel Xxl Bag 2016 Vanity Case. I love the recent resurgence of the vanity case being carried as a bag, but I love the idea of owning a vintage one. It just seems so glamorous to me, and I picture it being owned by a chic, jet-setting woman.

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Vintage Chanel Bag A50995 Tassel Camera Bag
$3,700 via Shopbop

Am I seeing double? This camera bag seriously reminds me of the Gucci SoHo Disco, proving that this bag will never go out of style. Suddenly, I need a camera bag.

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Vintage Chanel Handbags Youtube Bucket Bag
$4,855 via Farfetch

Bucket bags sometimes fly under the radar, but not this one. The gold hardware makes this vintage bucket a must for any Chanel fan or bucket bag lover!

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Vintage Chanel Quilted Flap Bag
$4,950 via Shopbop

Once again, it’s hard to go wrong with a quilted Chanel C Bag Flap, and I love that burgundy can act like a neutral without actually being black, white or tan.

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Vintage Chanel Embossed Wallet On Chain
$3,159 via Farfetch

A Chanel WOC is iconic in its own right, and I love this embossed version over the classic quilted WOC.

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Vintage Chanel Bag Zipper Pull 2.55 Double Flap Bag
$4,537 via Farfetch

This red 2.55 double flap has me feeling red HOT!

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Vintage Chanel Chain Bag
$8,257 via Farfetch

This bag, quite literally, took my breath away. White ostrich + gold hardware = one lust-worthy bag!

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Vintage Chanel Bags Europe Timeless CC Tote
$4,500 via Shopbop

Just like the name says, this black, caviar leather tote is a timeless piece that you’ll have for life.

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Vintage Chanel Bijou Chain Bag
$5,078 via Farfetch

The gold, the tassel, and that chain: this bag just begs to be dressed up, and I’m wondering if it’s too early to ask for a Christmas present?

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Vintage Chanel Bags And Prices Kelly Top Handle Bag
$3,650 via Shopbop

This Chanel Kelly bag is sleek, stunning and will stand the test of time.

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Vintage Chanel Bags Guide Velvet Bag
$2,185 via Farfetch

You know what they say, everything old is new again. You’ll be right on trend with this velvet mini bag.