The Piazza of Bottega Veneta is the Fantastic Everyday Bag

As practical as it is beautiful, take a look at my latest Bottega Veneta love

In collaboration with Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta is a brand that deserves all the praise and accolades it receives. The bags exude understated elegance, and some of the recent collections are the most exciting for me from the brand in a while. Bottega Veneta continues to design bags that are modern and eye-catching while also being instant classics. No Bottega Veneta bag I own ever feels outdated or past its prime, as the brand has found a way to design bags that I will gladly carry season after season and year after year. When we shared a preview of Bottega Veneta Cruise 2018 bags, many of you were just as enamored by the collection as I was, and now I have a closer look at one of the standout bags from the collection: The Piazza.

We loved this bag so much when we first saw the Cruise 2018 bags that we used it to lead the post because we thought it would be the most enticing new design. This bag has everything I adore from Bottega Veneta; it’s refined and sleek while still being bold and different. The Piazza is named after the Italian square that acts as the heart of a town. In Italy, the Piazza is the center of public life, and this bag will be the center of your look. The brand describes the bag as refinement and discretion intersected with whimsy and vibrance. It’s timeless and truly elegant, as all of my favorite Bottega Veneta bags are.

Terracotta Calf Mini Piazza Bag – $2,400 | Ardoise Nappa Medium Piazza Bag – $3,900

The design of the bag allows it to be an everyday bag that can both be casual or dressy, and there are three different sizes: mini, small, and medium. The Bottega Veneta Piazza can be best described as a classic top-handle bag with an elegant, modern twist. Tomas Maier designed this bag to be incredibly functional, from the optional shoulder strap (which is a statement piece itself) to the interior pockets and soft construction. Though the bag is structured, it is not overly boxy because the soft leather (either French Calf or supple Nappa, depending on your choice) works seamlessly with the design. I can attest to the fact that Bottega Veneta uses some of the finest leather in the world, and I’ve had more than one person touch one of my bags to tell me how great it felt. I know it will wear well over time and not lose it’s shape, but it’s also not so structured it feels bulky. It’s the perfect structural blend, and most brands have a hard time reaching that middle ground, but Bottega Veneta did it.

Though you can carry the bag just by the top handle, you know how much I live for an optional crossbody strap. This strap is long enough to wear the Piazza over your shoulder or cross-body, and in a few versions of the bag, the shoulder strap is adorned with Bottega Veneta’s signature intrecciato weaving. This makes for a statement piece in and of itself, which is such a great touch. Speaking of other standout features, I love the front clasp. I know it seems like a small thing, but it really pulls the bag together and stands out. Hardware can make or break a bag for me and sometimes be too over the top, but that is never the case with Bottega Veneta. On the Piazza, the dark gold and brunito finish on intrecciato-patterned hardware is simply perfect. It stands out without being distracting, and it is one of those perfect touches that Bottega Veneta does so well.

Ardoise Nappa Medium Piazza Bag – $3,900 | Thyme Nappa Mini Piazza Bag – $2,650

Over the past year, I’ve constantly talked about the interior of a bag and how important that is to me now that I’m a mom, which is another huge high note of this design. The design is beautiful enough for me to love this bag, but the interior makes me immediately move it from my lust list to my must list.

The Piazza has three separate compartments that allow for organization and ease of use. Because the bag is not incredibly deep, when you open it up, you can see each compartment and what’s inside, which means no fumbling for keys or any other item you are searching for. I am always carrying more stuff with me than I used to and forever attempting to find what I’m looking for in my bag, and the design of the exterior and interior here allows for that.

The top front flap is easy to open and close, and the interior is very functional. (The larger size, Medium, has a flat pocket in the middle compartment and a zippered pocked in the back.) And the interior lining? Plush Agnello velour. Bottega Veneta never disappoints when it comes to the interiors of its bags, from the design to the materials.

The Tank Americaine was initial introduced in 1989 and swiftly became a classic. It was inspired from the Tank Cintrée (originally intended in 1921) and its elongated curved rectangular situation. It’s a somewhat sportier get on that exceptionally slim, curved view, with a bolder seem. Up until now, the Tank Americaine has only been produced in precious metals, but now we’re last but not least receiving the Americaine in steel, and in 3 sizes no significantly less.

Terracotta Calf Mini Piazza Bag – $2,400 | Ardoise Nappa Medium Piazza Bag – $3,900

The Piazza is an instant classic. I was so delighted when I first saw this bag previewed for Cruise 2018, and then seeing it in person only further secured my love for it. The bag marries simplicity and intricacy, and if I had to choose my favorite versions, I’d say the cobalt blue mini, as well the small with the intrecciato strap design.

Prices range from $2,400 to $3,900 at Bottega Veneta online.