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Chanel Snuck at a Cost Increase For Its Classic Bag in 2017’s End

If you want a Classic Flap or 2.55, it’ll now cost you even more

Often, price increases happen at the beginning of a new year, so when we set about investigating whether or not any of the biggest brands had one coming this month, we found something curious: Chanel had slipped one in for some of its most popular bags in November, while everyone was busy with the holidays. This is the first increase for these bags since early 2014.

Chanel doesn’t formally announce price increases to the public, but from what we’ve been able to gather, the increase affects Classic Flap and 2.55 Flap prices in the US market. Instead of a flat percentage, the amount of increase depends on the size of the bag, with percentages ranging from 6.5% to 8.2%. Although Boy Bag prices usually rise with the brand’s other famous flaps, they seem to have been excluded from this increase. Check out new prices below.

– Mini Classic Flap: Was $3,100, now $3,300
– Medium Classic and 2.55 Flap: Was $4,900, now $5,300
– Jumbo Classic Flap and 2.55 Flap: Was $5,500, now $5,900
– Maxi Classic Flap and 2.55 Flap: Was $6,000, now $6,400

The dollar amount of the increase is exactly the same as it was for the majority Chanel Bags Ioffer Classic Flap Bag sizes, but on a bag that’s much smaller and costs less. The percent increase on the Chanel WOC is an astounding 19%. We don’t have specific information on costs on every WOC before and following this increase, but the beginning WOC cost was $2,100 and across the plank which has increased to $2,500. There was confusion among stores, sales associates, and shoppers as a few members of PurseForum were seeing price tags of $2,500 back in December but the store would only cost them $2,100. On these items, the increase is still substantial as a proportion of the final price, since the price point is lower to begin with. As for the following price increase at Chanel, rumor has it the Boy Bag is going to be increased within the next few months, and one among the PurseForum discovered from her sales associate it will also be 400. There’s always a lot of frustration over cost increases, largely because the increase is so high and shoppers often don’t find any significant increase in quality; around the contrary, Chanel bags are reported by many of our PurseForum members to have experienced recent quality control issues.

If you’ve noticed other price changes in your local boutique, please let us know in the comments!