Real or Fake Is Your Prada Saffiano Bag Authentic

How to spot a Bogus Givenchy Mini

I love Prada bags, but because they’re so popular, the industry is overwhelmed with counterfeits. Luckily, there are a couple ways to ascertain whether you have obtained a fake or real Prada bag. My Closet Rocks obtained a fake Prada dual zip saffiano tote (that was returned) and a real one to point out the mistakes counterfeit manufacturers make in both quality and details:
The letter on an authentic prada plaque or logo should have an indented or curved leg. The logo should read”Milano”, not”Milan”. The metal used on the emblem plate should be in accord with the remainder of the hardware on the bag.The prada outside plaque should be securely attached with even stitching around it. On the more recent Prada logo plaques, the rivets will be totally filled in, but on the old style bags the rivets will be holes.
Prada saffiano bags that are older have a lacquer backdrop that should match the remainder of the bag’s coloring – newer totes are going to have leather instead. Sometimes it’ll be stamped with”MADE IN ITALY,” that ought to be clean and legible. If the stamp is missing, there will most probably be a tiny black cloth tag that states this inside of the interior zip pocket.

Zippers are a very key role in deciding if the prada handbag you would like is authentic. The zipper should slide easily and also be made from superior metal. These are the only zippers Prada bag utilizes
These titles must be embossed on the backside of the zipper.
Prada should be imprinted in a horizontal line throughout the bag lining using a rope theme.
Hardware is a important when discovering genuine Women’s bags. All of the components on the bag needs to have the word Prada onto it this includes zippers, locks, metal feet, and decorative components. Also make sure silver and gold hardware is not mixed on the bag.
The interior factory number label is also important to check at. Authentic Prada handbags are going to have tiny white label in the interior with a random number on them (however, I’ve seen a ton of fakes with this label as it’s simple to replicate). This label is usually at the interior pocket of every handbag.