Currently Coveting: Chanel Chevron Flap Bag

Though Chanel Bags China makes a myriad of bags, there’s something about a great black bag from Chanel that is just oh-so-good. I’ve spent my free time, the little of it that I have post-baby, looking at baby gear and clothing, but my love for great bags always sneaks in. I need a little something in my life that isn’t about being a mom or for my baby, and a bag (that isn’t a diaper bag) would fit that want very nicely.

I kept thinking I wanted another Chanel Boy Bag, but when I found this Chanel Chevron Flap Bag, I changed my mind. Granted handbag wish list is ever evolving, but this bag could easily always fill a top spot. From the chevron stitched grained calfskin to the darker ruthenium hardware, this bag screams NYC or any wardrobe that loves black and craves a good bag.

The size of this bag is ample, with dimensions of 10.8 x 17.9 x 5.3 inches and a classic chain strap handle. This is just one of those bags that upon seeing it, I fell for it and wanted to add it to my collection. As much as I want to pop to the store and buy this bag, diapers and baby items aren’t cheap (don’t even get me started on the mostly organic diaper cream that we buy!), but one of you should buy it and let me live vicariously. Price is $5,200.

This buddy works in the industry and knew where to call to ask about the luggage, but the proverbial cupboards were bare. When Megs purchased her Reissue 2.55, she needed to create more than 1 stop to locate it. Another friend in the industry ended up purchasing a gorgeous teal Classic Flap when shameful, which had been exactly what she believed she wanted, wasn’t in stock. Although the struggles to acquire a Chanel Bag Zara bag are not as legendary as the ones chronicled by Hermes clients, it is still pretty difficult to put your hands on exactly the Chanel flap bag you’re searching for, and to get a great deal of consumers, that makes the search even more rewarding.Not trying to pay whole price? We do not blame you. Because Chanel bags have been around in some of the same models they’re currently for literally decades, it’s not that difficult to discover a pre-owned variation in good shape for a more reasonable cost, provided that the bag isn’t from the past couple of years or a limited edition. There is likely a luxury consignment shop in your region with a few options, in addition to online pros like Heritage Auctions and What Goes Around Comes Around at ShopBop.It’s easy to get cynical about style, particularly when it’s a market that you practically reside in, but there’s nothing about Chanel that feels special no matter what. Even when I do not like a particular layout or collection, the company’s setting is simply about as intoxicating as branding can get. I really don’t understand exactly why, because Karl Lagerfeld often lulled into ridiculousness, but then again, perhaps that is exactly it. Chanel is often fantastical, and there’s still value in that when it comes to luxury.