A Closer Look: Dolce and Gabbana Camera Case Bag


These Dolce and Gabbana Camera Case Bags are the perfect girly and cute accessory to bring with you especially now that summer is fast approaching. You might mistake it as that fanciful little girl’s toy camera but look again as it is a signature camera case bag from D&G.

Footwear: A lot of focus is provided on quality and materials that enters the process of making the products to ensure that only the top is offered to the customers. Dolce & gabbana footwear feature exactly the very same attributes. They’re one of the most comfortable footwear available despite of their funky and unconventional fashions. The masterly crafted footwear range is equally imaginative and relatable.Accessories: The inspirational accessories department include sunglasses, scarves, technology and decorative pouches for bracelets and women, card holders, pouches and technician for men. The products are instantly recognizable with D&G label which is mentioned above the essentials. Dolce & Gabbana belts and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are one of the most distinctive things in the collection. The glamorous sunglasses are the most trendy way to protect your peepers. The belts feature D&G logo on the buckle and are the simplest way to elevate any appearance in minutes.NYFW is finally behind us, so that of course means it’s time to get London Fashion Week. And then Milan Fashion Week, because they always prefer to gang up on us like this. LFW is currently in full swing, and MFW starts in earnest today, as a matter of fact. Compile dueling fashion weeks together with all the flash and the glitz of the Emmys red carpet, and it’s basically the most wonderful time of the year for bags. This week’s round-up does not disappoint, and we’ve got an extremely special guest for lovers of 1990s Top 40. HINT: It’s not Brandy.

It has a structured box-like design, with its luxe golden hardware and D&G’s signature padlock charm that made it all the more attractive to us. And oh, the exotic snakeskin is also an added charm! You can select in two colors: bold red or electric blue.

These camera case bags are the perfect pair for your summery white dress and your sandals. And oh, they’re also great to match over your flirty floral skirts and denim shorts during this scorching hot summer season! Measuring 5’ x 7.5’ x 2’ (H x W x D). It retails for €1950 euro.


Pictures courtesy of: pastilashop