Chanel Contemplates the Digital Future with Bags You Know and Love for Spring 2017

We can’t think of a better way to kick off the run-up to National Handbag Day (October 10!) than with a first look at a brand new Chanel collection. Chanel’s Spring 2017 bags debuted yesterday in Paris, inside a Grand Palais that Karl Lagerfeld had turned into the world’s chicest server farm. For those of you who prefer your bags more wearable than conceptual, though, you don’t have much to worry about from the theme.

Lagerfeld & Co. stuck mostly to the brand’s beloved Boy Bags, with a few tech touches here and there like color-shifting hardware and materials that somehow looked like both tweed and microchips. If you were hoping for something more literal, though, look no further than Chanel’s seasonal minaudiere: a surprisingly cute robot.

[Photos via Vogue Runway]

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I once got an email from a member: ‘Which hardware has become the most famous, gold or silver?’ . In all honesty, I can not answer that question, since there’s an equal amount people who adore the tote in gold in addition to at silver.It’s better to select a hardware that you enjoy than after the audiences. Do you usually wear gold or silver? Then pick the silver string, or even pick the golden chain. They both looks great.One of our members requested the SA within an Chanel boutique if it is possible to alter the silver string to the gold chain. Usually SA will reject your offer, but occasionally they can check what they can do. Generally, as soon as you settle on a hardware, then you can’t change it anymore.I love silver because it neutralize the tote. It doesn’t shout for attention like the gold hardware. But the gold hardware does indeed looks adorable with black. So it depends on your personal taste what you enjoy. Thus far, I haven’t met any men and women who have difficulty in picking the ideal leather. What leather you need to choose depends on how you are going to use the bag along with personal preference of course.The many frequent leather to select are caviar and lambskin. Let us covers some good stuff and bad things:What leather you’re going to settle has a massive impact on your overall experience. Although both leather is embossed in the Chanel classic flap bag, the appeals are totally different.Chanel Lambskin,Om my gosh, the Chanel lambskin is butterly soft. You will love it. If you touch it, you can actually feel the posh’ness, the literary appeal. The lambskin can be much lighter compared to caviar.But there is a catch: you might notice that the lambskin is easier to get scratched compared to caviar. But that is the price you need to pay.
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