Chanel Bags Were All Over Instagram in April–Here are the Ideal

All Chanel, all the time, and you won’t see us complaining

I’m in the market for a new bag. I have been since November, but the problem is I want it all. I’m not joking, I literally want EVERYTHING. Part of me wants to be be practical and get something I can use from day to night, but another part of me just wants to add something Chanel 9.5 Bag to my collection, and the Chanel WOC seems like a good choice. In true Kaitlin fashion, I’ve been stalking Instagram for handbag inspiration, and this month, I was overwhelmed by the amount of Chanel I saw. From Boy Bags to the classic Chanel Flap Bags, my feed was bursting over with Chanel bags in every color. 35 of the best are below for you viewing pleasure.

We are always excited to see a new Chanel collection since the newest takes its seasonal themes and details much farther than just the usual run daily bags. Each year also gets its own exceptional pockets, coin bags, card cases, pouches and pockets on chain (WOCs), and we’ve collected the photos and prices from the Chanel Cruise 2018 lookbook to offer you all of the info.Like the totes out of the collection that we showed you a week, these accessories have a broadly Greek-themed appearance, although the tiny goods skew more toward a traditional Chanel aesthetic than the bags. Check them all out below; the collection is in shops now.Apparently, Jasmine Tookes has been carrying the same black leather Chanel Classic Flap Bag for weeks, and that I likely would never have noticed if Amanda hadn’t pointed it out. Why? It is rather ingenious, actually: keeping track of all of the celebs who take black Flap Bags is hopeless. It’s essentially their default color. I could probably safely assume most of the women (and some of the men) who grace our virtual pages all have one.Had she been carrying a pink Chanel Classic Flap Bag, I likely would have caught on pretty fast. But Jasmine Tookes has been carrying the identical bag all through summer and fall, I wrote about it repeatedly, and yet its singularity completely escaped me. Let’s review all the different ways she’s styled it.

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