A Look at Chanel Cruise 2021 Bags From the Brand’s First-Ever Digital Presentation review

Fashion brands love to make a spectacle of themselvesand no one does so quite as big as Chanel. The brand’s runway shows are known for their themed fanfare, novelty bags and overall over-the-top presentation. But as to be expected, this year things seemed a bit different when Chanel bag introduced its Cruise 2021 set yesterday day.

Chanel bag

Virginie Viard told Vogue she flew into Capri in her head to make this collection while on lockdown at France. The bits as a whole are motivated by the concept of a destination wardrobe–easy, summer looks that are equally effortless and trendy. When it concerns the bags, and there were plenty, Viard presented contours that are elevated, yet wearable. Chanel’s Cruise bags are usually about the details, and these bags are not any different than what we have seen in years ago. Viard embraced chains, which have been seen on new versions of the Chanel 19 bag and caged-like bucket totes. Flap bags were seen during with novelty details such as sequins and colorful tweed. Furthermore, embellishments took centre stage in this group, which is chock full of lust-worthy new bags. 1 thing that’s missing from this group is that the themed, novelty purses which Karl Lagerfeld’s pub collections were known for. Even though they weren’t everyday bags, they had been wearable works of art that gave the collections for example life.
Have a peek at bags in the group below, which will hit stores at the end of the year.